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About Us


Besides bringing real results we highly value integrity and honesty.

We do what we say and we tell it how it is.

We work as a team to deliver the best results possible.


Not only do we have a track record for consistently getting up to 3,500+ leads each month for some of our clients, but we are also one of the only agencies that will offer to work on a results basis. This means if we don't produce results, then we don't get paid.

Meet the team

We believe that you should focus on where you excel which is why we have a dynamic team that fluidly works together at the skills they are amazing at. Marketing consultants, professional copywriters, graphics designers and developers come together to be even better than captain planet.

About Us

We are a Digital Marketing Agency that prides itself on knowing the latest and greatest online strategies. We systematically test strategies to crack the code on the latest algorithm so our clients can gain dramatic results from their marketing so they can grow their business.

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Fill Out Our Initial Strategy Quiz

Click here to go to our a short quiz and tell us a little bit about your business and then we can create a top level strategy for how we can grow your business.


Book In A Time That Suits You To Chat

Once you complete the Initial Strategy Quiz, you will be redirected to a page that has all of our availability to chat. You can select a time that suits you best.


We Reveal A Specific Strategy Made For You

Once we are on a call together we can go over in detail what Black Lion Digital can do to grow your business specifically. 

Our Mission

To be an unyielding driving force of business growth for our clients.

To be an irreplaceable asset for client acquisition.

To have an undeniable positive change in our client's lives.


Our Values

  • Integrity -  Be on time and do what we say we will do.
  • Honesty - We won't pull any punches and will always be truthful.
  • Continuous Learning - We are always sharpening the axe to make sure we are at the forefront of the latest and greatest strategies and tactics
  • Quality - To give a quality service and at a prompt rate.
  • Collaboration - We stick to what we specialise in and work as a unit together.

Top Quality!

What Clients Say.

We believe we are only as good as our clients say we are. We believe out of everything we do they are the real heroes of the story, we just simply guided them and acted as their special forces for what their business needed to grow.

We are fortunate to have our clients take the time to let us know how much they appreciate working with us to achieve their goals.

Check out our testimonial page for more.

murray - 41

Liz Murray

Edge Of Possibilities

I love working with everyone on the team because they are passionate about what they do
and are all committed to being the best by keeping up with training, and
world conferences and events to constantly sharpen their skills.


Sanjay Shah

Visionary Digital Studios

Great experience working with Black Lion! When I need professional advice on everything Facebook Ads, I trust these guys to provide it based on very impressive experience. It's difficult to navigate the amount of content and all the gurus that are talking about FB Ads these days. But with Black Lion, I actually see results, no fluff, no broken promises. If you're looking for the real deal - I definitely recommend Daniel and the team

Services We Offer


Designers and developers can help with a full range to suit your needs. Total website rebuild, online optimisation or a simple landing page for marketing.

Digtial Marketing

We can serve you in a range of areas, Tailored Online Strategy, Consultations to guide you or your team or partner with us to get the full Black Lion Experience.

Graphic Design

We can accommodate the full range of all graphic design needs.
We have the added bonus of our marketing wisdom to design your assets for results.


One of the most powerful parts of your online presence is the words you use. Our professional copywriters will influence your target audience to take action now.

Our Blog

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