Facebook Advertising for Businesses with the infrastructure to handle double or triple the sales

Delivering Profitable Facebook, Messenger and Instagram advertising in the toughest conditions

Our proven systems for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram advertising doubled and tripled the revenues of our clients even with lockdowns, border closures and travel bans.

Are you ready to double or triple your sales

Facebook Advertising for Businesses with the infrastructure to handle double or triple the sales

Delivering Profitable Facebook, Messenger and Instagram advertising in the toughest conditions

Our proven systems for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram advertising doubled and tripled the revenues of our clients even with lockdowns, border closures and travel bans.

Are you ready to double or triple your sales


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Ready to Grow ?

If you represent an ambitious business with growth-ready infrastructure, let’s talk about how our systems turn Facebook ads into sales, all at costs your competition can’t beat.

(We don’t have sales team. You’ll be talking to one of our campaign designers about what’s working right now.)

“… quick to understand what are the key metrics that drive your business and how that translates into an effective digital marketing plan.”
— Clayton Cooke, News Corp

What a tough economy proves about Facebook advertising

The businesses winning the digital advertising battle aren’t cobbling together worn-out techniques from webinars. The winning businesses use experts to turn data into smart campaigns that will work now.

Those experts are too busy to be pretending to give out free treasure maps to Facebook riches. The real experts have queues of clients who’ve already tried an agency with a cheatsheet or to promote an employee who was “good with Facebook”.

If you believe Facebook advertising could be insanely effective for your business, you’re right. It could be. Certainly, your audience is on Facebook, even if someone else couldn’t find them. (We’ve helped our clients to advertise successfully on Facebook to everyone from people needing house painting to ex-professional athletes who want to work with start-ups.)

But being insanely effective isn’t the same as being easy. You can read a million blog posts about flicking a couple of switches then letting Facebook’s artificial intelligence do the rest. The reality is that turning Facebook ads into dollars takes the old-fashioned kind of intelligence. You also need an understanding of marketing fundamentals and deep expertise in the platform.

“When I need professional advice on everything Facebook Ads, I trust these guys to provide it based on very impressive experience. It’s difficult to navigate the amount of content and all the gurus that are talking about FB Ads these days. But with Black Lion, I actually see results, no fluff, no broken promises. If you’re looking for the real deal

— I definitely recommend Danny and the team.” — Sanjay Shah

“For a growing business like mine it is crucial to find a company who understands what you need. The team at Black Lion have never come up short.”

— Pip Scott-Allen

The secret to getting massive returns from Facebook advertising

Here’s something Facebook will never tell you… The secret to winning with Facebook ads takes more than Facebook’s mysterious algorithm.

Facebook says it can put your ads in front of women between 35 and 37 who read Vanity Fair on 5th generation iPad minis with yellow covers. The truth is more complicated. That’s the reason you’ve never been able to tweak the dials in Facebook Ads Manager with anything like the precision you’d heard about in a thousand podcasts episodes.

The truth is that you need outside data. You then use that data to train Facebook to hunt for a pixel-perfect portrait of your ideal customer. Getting that data is why we invest $73,000 dollars a year on tools to supplement Facebook’s Ads Manager.

When you have access to our data, you won’t have to target a million people to reach a thousand customers. That refinement alone can shave thousands off your ad spend.

Maybe you’ve had a toe in the water of Facebook ads, boosting posts. Perhaps you’ve paid an agency to dabble in Ads Manager. And those things might have cost a fortune but not worked. That could be because you never had a chance with only the data built into Facebook.

Pixel-perfect targeting combined with an offer made in an irresistible sequence is why our clients have revenues spiralling upwards. Meanwhile others sit stunned on the sidelines, wondering if those dozen “engagements” on a post were worth the trouble or the expense.

The clients we work with on digital advertising

There's a


chance you’re here as the result of a referral from a client we’ve helped to grow, so you probably already know we work with:

  • Clients who know exactly what their customer looks like.
  • Clients who are serious about investing in Facebook ads as a source of revenue. (40% of our clients rely exclusively on our Facebook, Instagram and Messenger ads for their leads.)
  • Clients who know that anyone can pick fruit off the ground. They appreciate the value of the thought, time and constant refinement that it will take to nurture and harvest the whole orchard.
  • Clients who won’t need to turn off the ads after two months because they can’t handle the increase in sales. Our clients take on the extra warehouse space or hire the extra staff before they turn on the ads.
  • Clients who want a partner, someone on their side; someone who solves problems before they become problems; someone who’ll be at the end of the phone, whatever the results, making suggestions and optimising constantly.

How we got a 5-Star Google Review for saying NO to running Facebook ads

Do you know of another digital agency with a five-star Google review for turning down a potential client?

“In an industry that feels like a bunch of ‘used-car salesmen’ Black Lion was the agency that actually declined my business because they couldn’t help me. Unheard of! Instead, they referred me to a specialist in what I needed. If you’re a business owner who wants the facts and no bs…. Give them a call.”— Leigh Boys

So we mean it when we say we want to have a call to find out if we’re the right agency for you. We don’t mean there’s a sales pitch coming your way — we don’t even have a sales team. The person you speak to will be a Facebook ads expert. You’ll be talking to someone who designs high-performing campaigns every day.

If you’d like to see if we’re a fit for you, we’d love to talk.

“Black Lion Digital has helped our business be seen in areas we never thought possible. The team are professional and always great to work with. Couldn’t be happier with these guys!”

— Nathan Wiedermann

How our done-for-you Facebook, Instagram and Messenger ads service works

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    We’re specialists in Facebook, Messenger and Instagram advertising

    The first thing you need to know is that we work across the whole Facebook network. By bringing in Messenger and Instagram, you harness the full power of Facebook’s infrastructure to get leads and sales rolling in.

    What we don’t do is bring you through the door with Facebook ads then try to sell you Google Ads when your campaigns flatline and we don’t know how to revive them. (Our campaigns don’t flatline and we don’t do Google Ads.)

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    We’re not operating blind

    We could run Facebook ads only for dentists or plumbers or e-commerce businesses… But working in a niche means wearing a groove.

    And a groove soon gets so deep that you can’t see what’s happening beyond the edges.

    When you work with us, we’re bringing in ideas, techniques and thinking that might be unheard of in your industry. You get to apply what we know is working in multiple industries.

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    We insist on doing the boring bit

    Some people don’t want to hold things up by talking strategy. They think the sales bell will ring sooner if they just fire up some ads. But the talking and the thinking that happen before the doing that will get the sales rolling in. That’s why we don’t turn on ads until we’re sure we understand your business and your audience, and we’ve developed a strategy for your digital advertising, along with:

    • A realistic timeline
    • Meaningful metrics (because your accountant can’t put likes and “engagement” in the profit column)

    When you have a well-conceived strategy, the sales bell will be the only loud noise you hear. You won’t be deafened by the clatter of jargon and bullshit from your digital agency when nothing’s working.

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    We communicate

    Clients tell us they felt like a burden on their ex-digital advertising agency.

    They were left in their dark and their account manager sighed anytime they brought up lacklustre results. I suppose we could try…

    That doesn’t happen when your agency sees itself as a proper partner. One of the first things we’ll do is set up Slack channels so you’ll always have your finger on the pulse. Plus, your account manager doesn’t mind answering the phone either.

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    We cut, measure and fit

    There’s no template for Facebook advertising; there’s no “viral” button on anyone’s desk. We can’t even say that what works for your competitors will work for you. (It might not even be working for your competition.) That’s why we never just “tweak” some campaign we had on an old hard drive.

    Our thoughtful approach is why our director is the go-to growth hacker for business accelerator programs like Slingshot. Funded start-ups with growth-hungry investors understand that success online is about learning and testing then doubling up on what’s working. And doing it all before anyone else can catch up.

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    We produce the collateral

    We’re a sleeves-rolled-up agency. That means we won’t be playing table tennis in the office while we wait for you to produce every word of copy, every image and every video.

    Together, we’ll work out what you need. And if you need more than you already have — like copy and creative for ads and landing pages — we can produce that for you.

    When you work with us, you have more than access to advertising experts who are up-to-the-second in what’s working; you also have access to all the creative skills you need.

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    Our goal is have you doing more with less

    When we get your ads firing, you’ll have three choices:

    1. Achieve the same results with massive budget savings (One of our solar energy clients cut its ad spend by $15,000 a month after we took over the account and slashed the cost-per-lead)
    2. Maintain your ads budget and bring in even more business
    3. Invest in a bigger ads budget so you can roll out a proven campaign to even more people

Let's grow your business with Facebook ads together

If you’re looking for a reliable source of leads to fuel ambitious growth plans, let’s talk about how we can work with you to create campaigns that convert.

Our process means we get results even when others haven’t been able to — and if we don’t think we can help, we’ll tell you.

“What don’t these guys know about Facebook marketing?”

— Troy Wink

I have been working with Black Lion Digital for 6 months or more now and I have been nothing short of impressed with everything they do. I personally work with Daniel Hersee and can honestly say he is one of the more knowledgeable digital marketers I have ever met.

Further, he’s a great guy and a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending these guys, you will be hard pressed to find better!”

— Mick Wiedermann