What Makes A High Performing Facebook Ad

What makes a HIGH PERFORMING Facebook ad? There is a reason why some businesses’ ads outperform others every single time. There is a simple structure to follow to influence people to click on your ad rather than keep scrolling away… and I am going to reveal it in this post. First let me start with…
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Should You Really Blame Your Ads?

You can have great ads but not get leads… Today I want to highlight an area in your marketing that you may have the wrong idea about. About 80% of business owners are under the impression that their Facebook ads are the only area to look at if you aren’t generating leads. This isn’t the…
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How You Can Increase Results In Any Campaign

Facebook has spent millions of dollars on making it as easy as possible to create ads and spend money with them. There are so many businesses out there that have figured out how to create their own campaigns.  The BIG PROBLEM is once they are live, then what?  I hear about the hamster wheel of…
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Knowing Your Target Audience

I know. TRUST ME, I know… I know more than most people know about you. By people, I mean people showing you ads right now. In the digital age where general privacy for your information is pretty much dead, you can target your ads to just about anyone. The memes and jokes about you having…
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8 Reasons Why People Choose To Buy Nothing

There is a much BIGGER THREAT than your competition that has been stopping your business from growing since day one. This happens every day and you have never noticed it. It has been proven that 80% of the clients who make it to the end of the sales cycle choose NOTHING. That means 20% are…
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How Do You Know Your Marketing Is Going Well?

This is very important. You don’t want to throw good money at bad marketing. I find people get caught up in the wrong metrics. Even worse, a marketing agency may feed you data that makes the agency look good but doesn’t get you any closer to your goal. Let’s be crystal clear about where you…
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3 Types Of Traffic

What if you knew you were driving leads from the slow lane that ends in the next 50m and after that you will crash? There are 3 types of traffic online and most people are relying on the slow lane that is eventually going to end or make their business pull over on the side…
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