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Recent Marketing Results

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3,728 Leads in
1 month

When working with another agency, this client was spending 4 times as much to get just under 1,000 leads a month, which was industry standard.

With our unique strategies we were able to get 3,728 leads which resulted in millions of dollars in revenue for the single month.
Solely from Facebook ads.

We Don't Do Standard...

This client was in the solar industry and was happy to pay the standard cost per lead of $40-$50 per lead.

We systematically took their cost per lead from $45 per lead to, $3.10 per lead. This doesn't happen overnight, but with our split testing systems we can achieve unbeatable results.

Filling Up Live Events

Most agencies will tell you it can be expensive to fill a live event and you need months to fill it up...

We filled up this event in just over 3 weeks and making it the record number of tickets sold for this client.

This campaign resulted in over $120,000 in revenue and we ran multiple events like this every month.

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